はるうた手帖 / Note


はるうた製帽 冬展 / Winter hats exhibition


swiss coffee, plantsにて「はるうた製帽 冬展」を開催します。
今回の「はるうた製帽 冬展」は、swiss coffee, plantsの企画展『冬のバトン スイスの贈り物展・2018年12月23日〜2019年3月26日』の一環として行います。
swiss coffee, plantsの自家焙煎珈琲や焼き菓子のメニューをご用意してお待ちしています。
【日時】2018年12月23日(日)〜2019年1月15日 (火)11時〜18時
【場所】swiss coffee, plants スイスコーヒープランツ
swiss coffee, plants 企画展
『冬のバトン スイスの贈り物展』
△2018年12月23日〜2019年1月15日「はるうた製帽 冬展」(京都)
「ituka アクセサリー展示」(愛知)
「草so お米の紹介と販売」(千葉)
「saria 銀のもの石のものアクセサリー展」(長野)
「工房SPIRIT 陶器展示」(山梨)
Winter hats exhibition
Haruta hat making studio is going to hold a Winter hats exhibition at the cafe ‘Swiss Coffee, Plants’ which is located in Jyodoji, Sakyouku, Kyoto.
This time I’m going to display hat pins which are made from tweed material sourced from Scotland, England and Italy.
You can enjoy baked confectioneries and home roasted coffee at the cafe.
I’m going to be there on Monday, 14th January 2019.
Please enjoy the exibition with a nice coffee and delicious baked confectioneries.
I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Date : From Sunday 23rd December 2018 to Sunday 15th January 2019
(Closed every Wednesday and Thursday. Also, From 30th December to 4th January are closed as new year’s holiday)
Time : Start from 11am, finish at 6pm
Venue : Swiss coffee, plants

「糺ノ森ワンダーマーケット2018」 / My shop in the Tadasu no mori wonder market 2018



【場所】下鴨神社 糺ノ森 (馬場)

Haruuta hat making studio is going to join and have a stall in the Tadasu no mori wonder market 2018.

The Tadasu no mori wonder market is going to be a craft and food market in Tadasu no mori which is a world heritage site in Kyoto, Japan.
Haruuta hat making studio is going to sell hats for the autumn / winter season and hat accessories, small leather goods.
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the event.
I hope see you there!

Date : Sunday 28th October
Time : Starts at 9am, finishes at 4pm
Venue : Shimogamo-jinja Shrine Tadasu no mori

Web : http://sakyo-wonder.com
Face book : https://www.facebook.com/sakyowonder/


はるうた製帽の夏展 / Pop-up shop at Hohohoza jyodoji garage in Kyoto




Haruuta Hat Making Studio is going to open a one day pop-up shop for summer hats in Hohohoza-jyodoji garage in Kyoto.
I’m going to sell hats for the summer season, hatpins, antique beads, antique broaches and ribbons. There will be a workshop of “backstrap loom weaving” and “weaving with a box loom” by Miyuki Okazaki. You can also find in the shop some fantastic picture books of hat motif and specialist books about textiles.
You can enjoy vegan gluten-free curry and a selection of cold drinks.
Please come over to see our essential collection of hats and accessories for the summer holiday season.
I’m looking forward to see everyone there!

Date : ‪Sunday 15th July 2018‬
Time : ‪From 12 noon to 7 pm‬ 

【箱織りワークショップ / “Weaving with a box loom” workshop】


*所要時間 約30分

【腰機織りワークショップ / “Backstrap loom weaving” workshop】


*所要時間 約1時間〜2時間
*参考資料・SPINNUTS スピナッツ・できるシリーズ2 星野利枝の原子機いつでも どこでもWeaving
*SPINNUTS スピナッツ・できるシリーズ2も当日販売いたします

[“Weaving with a box loom” workshop and “Backstrap loom weaving” workshop]
The workshop is a drop in class so please feel free to turn up on the day.
The workshop will be organised by Miyuki Okazaki who is a textile artist. 
You will be able to make a ribbon which you will weave plants with thread of the specialist AVRIL in Kyoto brand, and you can use the finished ribbon as a hat accessory, a belt or tapestry.
Both workshops are “drop in” so please feel free to join us at any time while the pop-up shop is open.

Backstrap loom weaving workshop fee: 2,000 yen
Duration: 1 – 2 hours 

Weaving with a box loom workshop fee: 1,000 yen
Duration: 30mins